How do I apply for the Ryan White Program?

Contact an HIV Care Coordinator to discuss program eligibility requirements and complete a Ryan White Program application. You will need documentation that you live in the TGA (Boone, Brown, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, Putnam, or Shelby County), documentation of your income, and proof of your HIV status. For a list of HIV Care Coordinators…

Once I’m accepted into the Ryan White Program, do I ever have to reapply?

Recertification of continuing eligibility for the program is required every 6 months–this is done through your HIV Care Coordinator.

Is the Ryan White Program a form of insurance?

No–the Ryan White Program is not insurance (such as Anthem) nor is it an entitlement program (such as Medicaid or Social Security Disability). The Ryan White Program provides services to eligible and enrolled individuals on a stop gap basis until other sources of payment for care are found.

I have private insurance, can I still apply for the Ryan White Program?

Yes, you may still be eligible for limited services. For more info…

I’m a Ryan White Program client, but don’t know how to access services.

Contact your HIV Care Coordinator for referrals to the services you need.

What are my responsibilities as a Ryan White Program client?

Ryan White Program clients are responsible for making sure their HIV Care Coordinators are aware of changes in income, address, phone number or other contact information, insurance coverage, or change of medical provider.

I have a service provider who I want to continue to see, but they are not listed as a Ryan White Program provider. What can I do?

Ask your provider to contact the Director of the Ryan White HIV Services Program to discuss possible arrangements. The staff contact list is here…

I met with an HIV Care Coordinator and completed a Ryan White Program application, but I was missing some documentation. How long do I have to provide this?

You have 7 business days to provide the missing documentation.

Who can attend Ryan White Planning Council meetings? Who do I talk with to find out about Council membership?

Ryan White Planning Council meetings are open to the public. Contact Anna Hail, Planning Council Coordinator, for membership information.

How do I change my HIV Care Coordination site or medical care site?

To change either site, schedule an appointment with the agency or provider from whom you wish to receive services. You will need to make the new agency or provider aware that you are changing your source of HIV Care Coordination or medical care and have them notify the Ryan White HIV Services Program office about the change.

As a Ryan White Program client, how do I access medical transportation?

Medical transportation is an important part of getting into care and being able to remain in care. The need for medical transportaion is part of the intake assessment conducted with you by your HIV Care Coordinator. Your HIV Care Coordinator will develop a plan of care for you which documents your need for medical transportation (as well as other specific services). Your plan of care should be updated if your needs change. Your HIV Care Coordinator will then send a referral to a medical transportation provider or will provide you with bus passes so that you are able to get to your appointments.

If I need treatment for a condition other than HIV, how do I get a referral for that service?

To be referred to a specialist or other appropriate provider for treatment for a condition other than HIV, this need must be documented by your HIV Care Coordinator in your plan of care. Once this documentation is complete, the care coordinator will send a referral to the Ryan White HIV Services Program where it will be reviewed for eligibility and, if determined eligible, approved for payment.










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